Jim Rickards headshot 8/22
Jim Rickards
Jim Rickards is an expert on the global monetary system, helping you understand how policies shape the markets… and impact your wallet. In 2016, he predicted Donald Trump’s election victory as...
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James Altucher headshot 8/22
James Altucher
James Altucher has spent his life building businesses and learning from his mistakes. Now he’s determined to pass along his knowledge so you can bypass those same pitfalls and experience...
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George Gilder
George Gilder has an uncanny ability to predict technology megatrends years before they became mainstream news — giving you a chance to score huge profits from the companies leading these...
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Ray Blanco
Ray Blanco has long believed that science can help us build a better world — and has spent over three decades proving that it can build your wealth, too. As our...
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Zach Scheidt headshot 8/22
Zach Scheidt
Zach Scheidt is our in-house retirement and income expert who is dedicated to helping you maximize your earnings potential by finding Wall Street’s best yields. He covers the entire field, from...
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Alan Knuckman
Alan Knuckman has spent most of his 30-year career developing tools to predict a stock’s ups and downs — giving you a chance to profit no matter what’s happening on...
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RonanMcmahon Square
Ronan McMahon
Ronan McMahon travels the world to find the best undiscovered real estate opportunities for you. In fact, his expansive international network...
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Dave Gonigam
Dave Gonigam is a former mainstream news producer who turned his back on corporate media to tell you what’s really...
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Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell is constantly on the hunt for ways to help you live a freer, healthier, more abundant and satisfying...
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Sean Ring
Sean Ring wants to start your day off with a big smile, a bit of entertainment and a heaping dose...
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Dan Amoss headshot 8/22
Dan Amoss
Dan Amoss, CFA, has a knack for finding accounting red flags that others miss — steering you away from trouble...
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Matt Insley headshot 8/22
Matt Insley
Matt Insley is the Executive Publisher of Paradigm Press Group — making sure Paradigm Publishing Group overdelivers on its promises...
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Byron King headshot 8/22
Byron King
Byron King has first-hand expertise and connections in important industries like commodities and defense. He literally goes the extra mile...
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Doug Hill headshot 8/22
Doug Hill
Doug Hill helps oversee day-to-day operations at Paradigm Press — ensuring that our publications promote our core beliefs of financial...
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Frank DeVechio headshot 8/22
Frank DeVechio
Frank DeVechio is responsible for getting Jim Rickards’ research and recommendations into your hands right when you need them most. He’s...
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Jonathan Rodriguez headshot 8/22
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan “J-Rod” Rodriguez has worked alongside the brightest minds in the financial markets to bring you triple-digit gains again and...
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Bob Byrne
Bob is about as off-Wall Street as you can get — living more than 2,100 miles away in Utah with...
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Emily Clancy
Emily Clancy cuts through all the noise the mainstream press generates so that you can focus on what’s really driving...
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Brian Maher
Brian Maher works hard to clarify the often confusing (and infuriating) world of finance. He cuts through the meaningless noise...
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Jeffrey Tucker
Jeffrey Tucker believes in freedom above all else… and that new technologies will provide the keys for breaking free from...
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Dustin Weisbecker headshot 8/22
Dustin Weisbecker
Dustin Weisbecker is standing by to help you get the absolute most out of your subscription — making sure your...
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