Paradigm Press has assembled a team of the world’s top investment analysts, economists, entrepreneurs, options traders and technology futurists. By combining their wisdom, we provide an unparalleled collection of research products that can help you achieve your financial and personal goals. Whether you’re new to investing or a pro, you’ll find something here that meets your needs.

Big Ideas

Crisis Trader with Jim Rickards
Unearth the ugly secrets buried in the balance sheets of popular stocks — and position yourself for maximum gains when their hidden crises get too big to ignore.
Jim Rickards' Insider Intel
Our proprietary I-3 Indicator shows you how to cash in on the same moves that Wall Street’s insiders are quietly making.
Jim Rickards' Strategic Intelligence
Get a monthly look into what’s really driving the global markets… and learn simple investments that will help you thrive during the coming chaos.
Jim Rickards' Strategic Intelligence PRO
Take your bear market investments to the next level with enhanced research, strategies and recommendations.
Real Estate Trend Alert
Discover exclusive deals in the ultimate asset — real estate in some of the world’s most beautiful places.
Rickards Uncensored
Rickards Uncensored — Get real-time updates and exclusive insights into Jim Rickards’ latest analysis and predictions with high-level calls broadcast LIVE every Friday morning.
The Situation Report with Jim Rickards
Harness trade signals from Jim’s proprietary “Kissinger Cross” strategy to profit from gold, energy, currencies and commodities during the market chaos.

Technology & Crypto

Altucher's Investment Network
James taps his powerful network of business leaders and Wall Street insiders to help you achieve true financial freedom and independence.
Altucher's Investment Network Pro
This “elite” level of Altucher’s Investment Network is specifically designed to cut through the noise and help you make a fortune from opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.
James Altucher's Early-Stage Crypto Investor
Stake your claim in some of the most explosive investment opportunities in the world today — next-generation cryptocurrencies.
Paradigm Mastermind Group
Ride the next stage of the Artificial Intelligence boom for a chance at huge profits — guided by some of the world’s top tech and investment analysts!
Ray Blanco's Catalyst Trader
Discover how tech-driven news events could deliver huge overnight profits for you.
Technology Profits Confidential
Get a first-hand look at the companies behind today’s hottest tech trends — and set yourself up for big profits as their innovations go mainstream.
Technology Profits Confidential Pro
Learn the secrets of the “Hype Cycle” to take your tech investments to the next level.

Trading & Private Investments

Altucher's True Alpha
Altucher’s True Alpha — James’ AI-powered Blue Spike indicator big market moves before they’re announced… giving you a chance to walk away with a huge payday.
Paradigm Venture Group
Join our experts as they stake their own money on America’s “Partner Share” market… a little-known market that’s growing thousands of times faster than stocks, bonds and cryptos.
The Profit Wire
We’re in the early stages of a “commodities supercycle” — and the Profit Spy indicator is your ticket to double- and triple-digit gains from the raw materials that keep the world running.
The Trading Desk
In The Trading Desk trading room you'll receive hard-hitting market commentary coupled with daily actionable investment ideas — all in real time.


Lifetime Income Report
Lifetime Income Report — A former hedge fund manager’s “Three Pillars of Income Investing” are your key to safe, sustainable and growing cash payouts.
Lifetime Income Report Pro
Lifetime Income Report Pro — Accelerate your income portfolio by investing for growth and quickly building up your assets
The Income Alliance
Trade alongside a former hedge fund manager and his "Income Matrix" — a two-pronged strategy for rapidly adding cash to your portfolio.